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Targets at risk homes where children could be removed or have been removed and placed into state custody. The goal is to prevent this from happening or when children have been returned to the home to prevent them from being separated again. This is possible by providing food, clothing, diapers, cleaning supplies, appliances, and furniture to assure that homes with minor children meet the requirements of Tennessee department of Children and Family services. In some cases a simple addition of a bed or a crib is enough to keep a child in their home and keep them out of the foster care system.

Lost Sheep Ministry Project Prevention

Many of these cases are single mothers. Mentors are placed around each mother and begin to build relationships with the mother and serve as a main point of contact between the ministry and the mother. The long term goal is to empower them to move forward in life. The program seeks a structure to achieve milestones that are not only stand alone accomplishments such as earning a GED or getting a driver’s license, but also prepare them to qualify for other programs to support them on their journey.

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